Docker Swarm mode setup with Docker Machine

Tutorial on how to use Docker Machine to setup docker 1.21 swarm

Perica Zivkovic

5minute read

Last time we took a look on how to setup local swarm with Docker 1.21. This time we will extend that a bit and see how to use Docker Machine to accomplish the same setup. Docker Machine allows to specify where our environment will be running by using different “drivers” to provision multiple remote Docker hosts on various flavors of Linux. At the moment big set of drivers is supported, in our example we will use Digital Ocean as a host for swarm nodes.

Docker Swarm mode setup

Tutorial on how to setup docker 1.21 in swarm mode

Perica Zivkovic

3minute read

Starting with version 1.21, docker engine includes native support for “swarm” mode. Newly introduced services can now be deployed, scaled and managed on the docker swarm cluster. Cluster management and orchestration commands are directly embedded in docker engine but you can still use docker engine in “standalone” mode to manage individual containers. There is already an excellent getting started guide provided by official docker documentation that can help you in understanding main concepts of the swarm mode.